Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Productive Sunday, Sort of...

Today was actually a great day. At least for the most part. We all went to church. After a break, Kate was hesitant at first, but she had a great time. John & I went to Discovery which is our church's way of joining the church. Some people end up joining, while others do not. It will definitely be a learning experience for each of us, and I hope it leads us to where we are meant to be. Either at our current church, or where ever God intends us to be.

After church, John requested a breakfast casserole I made for Christmas. It took quite a bit longer since my only 9x13 (which might mean I need another!) was tied up with a Chicken Spaghetti I made earlier in the week (what you ask?!? - yes, I have actually been cooking as of late! - who would have thought!). So, using a smaller pan, it took about twice the time for the eggs to actually be something other than a runny mess. Alas, it was proclaimed to be great! Whew!

After catching up on more of my favorite show (24 - Season 1 - I haven't watched this since 2006), my favorite girl, aka my daughter, joined me on the sofa for a little cuddle time. Later in the afternoon, we ventured out to the grocery store since tomorrow is diet day #1 for the New Year - ugh!! When we got home, we both were so tired we laid down and slept. Turns out baby girl (can I say she's a baby when she's FIVE?!?!, probably not, but don't tell her!), had a fever. She has since spent the rest of the evening laying in our bed watching movies (and calling for us at every whim, I might add). Finally, she's starting to feel a little better, let's hope this continues, and we all get a good nights rest.

Despite what seems like quite the busy day when I write it out, I did get some digital scrapbooking done - and I have plans for more soon. I hope you enjoy my latest additions. The first is actually a professionally taken photo (Thanks Melissa Brawner Photography!) from Christmas time last year, 2010. The second, is a picture from my family's trip to California over Thanksgiving (2011). Whatever speaks to me at the moment, right? ;)

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